Matthew Shelley

HI! My name is Matt, and I'm a photographer. You probably knew that already. Moving on. I've been taking pictures in Dallas since 2004 and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I love photographing people. I love photographing places. I love photographing food.

After graduating from SMU with a degree in film, I started shooting weddings as an assistant. Since then, I've photographed over 150 weddings. In that time I also began working at D Magazine. I worked for the magazine for 11 years, which gave me the opportunity to shoot events, people and places all over North Texas. It's been awesome. 

I am also married to one cool woman who encourages me to stay grounded and helps raise our son Patrick. Her strength, devotion and grace inspires me in the most profound ways and I am grateful to have found love and companionship that's also been so much fun. And my son Patrick has shown me another side of portrait photography. Being a parent myself, I have a whole new understanding of what really moves those who enlist the services of a photographer to capture their family.

Photography is a learning experience that never stops. I hope I can make it my own and continue to always do what I love - taking pictures that mean something to my clients. 

Thank you.